Thank you for considering donation.

Emotion was made by me so I could not only improve my own life, but improve the lives of so many others. That's the reason why I chose to make it free.

By donating, you can express to me how much I've managed to reach you, and inspire me to improve Emotion even more.

In the future, donors will have access to potential future features that won't be available to people who don't pay a monthly donation. People who donate before that time however will have the special role of Founder. You can be sure you will be the first on my mind if I get that far because of how long of a supporter you would have been, and there will be rewards.

The justification for this is simply due to the nature of those future features: cloud synchronisation requires data to be saved onto a database, in the form of user accounts and user data. Databases cost money... without support they would be impossible to run. The same can be true for machine-learning algorithms, servers to process information 24/7 would, of course, additionally cost money.

Donations through PayPal allow me to remember all donors for when time comes to make them founders.

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