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Emotion has 2 legal documents to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and to provide a level playing field with you and us.


Terms of Service

Details what power you have accepted that we have over the state of your account and how you use Emotion and its services, such as but not limited to its cloud database, the website and the app and its variants.

Importantly, it should be noted that we can terminate your account at any time for any reason at our discretion, but this is to make sure that malicious people are easily dealt with. This is a standard practice for most companies that offer a service. We will always operate within the interests of our users and will never unfairly hand judgement against you.

Privacy Policy

Details what data we collect and how we use it.

What data is collected?

Basic User Data

To summarise the Privacy Policy (but not to be taken as the full or even exhaustive description of the policy), Emotion only ever collects both the basic data that you give us, namely your Username, Email Address and Password (stored in a secure format),

Complex User Data

and more complex data that is in the realms of how you use Emotion: how long you use Emotion for (sessions), how you rate your songs (the emotions you put on songs), what songs you have imported into Emotion, how long you've listened to songs through Emotion for and if you have Spotify Premium.

Your IP address is logged for security purposes whenever you fail to login, see below for more information as to why.

Why is this data collected?

Basic User Data

The basic user data is collected so that users who agreed to be known about improvements to Emotion and the release of the beta can be notified by email, and to also use the email for password recovery. Username and password are used for authentication purposes for use of the Emotion app and Emotion website.

Complex User Data

The complex user data is collected for analytical purposes to monitor whether Emotion is working well for users or not, thereby measuring its success as an app. Information about how songs are rated and what songs are imported allow cloud synchronisation across devices whenever you login to Emotion so that data isn't lost for you and you may use Emotion and its services across many devices. The information about whether you have Spotify Premium is used as part of a factor of whether Emotion is successful or not and is therefore used for both analytical and statistical purposes.

Your IP address is also logged for security purposes, but only if you failed to login to an account. This is to rate limit login attempts and API requests in an attempt to protect hackers from brute-force attacking the password to user accounts, and is strictly used in your interest only.