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Started on 28th February 2016 5:06 AM (GMT)

Collaborators: Jordan Peters (Rollersteaam)

This project was made for a romance and thriller writer called B. B. James.

Ironically, the website has much better device responsiveness than this one (edit from the future: this apparently is no longer the case after developing more skill from making the Emotion showcase page (edit edit from the future: It appears I've completely revolutionized the way I make websites these days. This statement couldn't be any less false.)), but that's because I didn't aim for any special effects or 'new-age' design. I went with a more conventional but intuitive approach as the target audience is aimed at more mature adults. Therefore to express myself a bit more further, I followed a colour scheme of a warm page-y yellow and the colour of blood and ran wild with it, making this really nice and stand-out writer website that I'm really proud of.

Additionally, this made me take my first roadeo into JS and PHP as I had to make some form of subscriber list. I didn't go too in-depth because of my very limited knowledge of databases at the time, I opted for a simple flat-file approach with .csvs and the like, and used Mailchimp to do the more intelligent sifting through all the contacts. Soon however, the subscribers will go beyond 2,000 and the our eligibility to stay on the free package is dwindling. It's possible this project will need developing further - with a highly different, heavily involved approach to efficientising the way the author's digital business will be run.