Heart of Gold

A game where you help and fight with the people of a dream world against life's mental challenges.

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The game is inside a .zip file that you'll download. The game was made in Unity.

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Started on 16th October 2017 9:10 PM (GMT)

Collaborators: Jordan Peters (Rollersteaam)

This project was made for the Young Game Designer's contest hosted by BAFTA, entered for the Game Making award that was available for 15-18 year olds. I was 17 years old when I created this.
Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the contest. The most likely reason was for accidently adding mature themes and not realising the age restriction...

Heart of Gold is right now, only a BAFTA YGD contest entry. Its plan however is to be way bigger than that. I want to eventually, in my life, create my own narrative-heavy action RPG game where players can define a new world through retaliation against mental health.

Heart of Gold wasn't the original name, for almost the entirety of the project until the last 4 days, it was actually called 'Vanguard'. The idea came around when creating the main-menu screen and deciding how I wanted the game to stand out among the other contestants, which was when I decided there should be a story for the game.

Most notably, I managed to create a full story, dialogue system, save game system, main menu system, scenario logic (cutscenes) and a full flow between every scenario in those 4 days, where it was pure crunch time. It was wake up, work, eat, work, sleep, for literally 4 days straight, and I missed those school days all for the competition entry. In the end, I was more than happy with what I had been able to accomplish, although there was a lot more that could have been improved, I finally made my first ever game with a story.